John Bernard Williams sentenced to 9 years in Rockville armored truck robbery

The robbery of the armored truck happened on June 13, 2013 in Rockville. Photo: ABC7

The main conspirator behind the robbery of an armored truck in Rockville last year was sentenced to 9 years in prison by a federal judge.

John Bernard Williams, a 48-year-old Fort Washington resident, received his sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy, armed robbery and firearm possession in connection to the June 13, 2012 robbery of an armored truck outside a Navy Federal Credit Union.

In total, five people have pleaded guilty to the robbery, which happened at the credit union branch on Rockville Pike near Twinbrook Parkway.

The truck had just arrived at the Navy Federal Credit Union when at Williams ordered two men, Kai Holt and Marcus Brooks, held the driver and guards at gunpoint, getting away with $220,000.

Williams and the other suspects then fled back to Prince George's County. All were later arrested and charged in connection with the robbery.

Holt, 38, and Brooks, 21, both previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the crime and are awaiting sentencing. The fourth co-conspirator, 20-year-old Deangelo Williams, was previously sentenced to 3 years in prison.

A fifth member of the plot, 31-year-old Carmen Camacho, is awaiting sentencing as well.