Joe Lefeged released from D.C. jail without bond

The third-year Indianapolis safety grew up in Gaithersburg. Photo: Associated Press

Indianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged{ }was released Tuesday from a District of Columbia jail without bond after he waived his right to a pre-trial hearing.

While leaving the detention center, he told ABC7's Jennifer Donelan that he's sorry and that the case is drummed up.{ }{ }

“I would like to just apologize to the Colts community apologize to my family for this even being brought up,” he said, adding, “I am not going to talk about the case right now until I talk to the Colts organization and have my lawyer with me.”

Lefeged was arrested early Saturday after police found a semi-automatic pistol in the car he was riding in. Police say they also smelled marijuana in the car and found a bottle containing vodka.

The car had been pulled over for speeding but then sped away. Police say Lefeged and another passenger were caught after they tried to run from officers.

Lefeged's next court date has not yet been set. His case could still go to a grand jury.

The Colts have said they're aware of the arrest and won't be making additional comments until they gather more details.

Lefeged, who grew up in Gaithersburg and played football at Northwest High School, is entering his third NFL season.

His attorney said he is “an exemplary citizen never been in trouble before and we are hoping we will be able to work this out.”

Lefeged had one message to his fans and friends: “I just love ‘em all,” he says.