Jessie McLaughlin says he's the roommate of the year

An Arlington man could go without paying rent for a year if he's named roommate of the year.

A nationwide video competition has made Jessie McLaughlin one of the top 11 finalists. He has just a few days to become number one.

He and his roommate and girlfriend Lisa Harbin produced and entered a video into the roommate of the year competition sponsored by

In the clip, he shows himself doing all the things a good roomie does, like like unloading the dishes, cooking dessert, cleaning up, taking out the trash.

He even helps Harbin locate a missing shoe before going out. “I lose things all the time. My purse, my phone, my wallet, everything is a disaster,” Harbin says.

Both insist McLaughlin would still be a great roommate even if they weren't a couple. “He's very considerate,” Harbin says.

They are convinced that the sports-inspired play-by-play style of the video put them into the top because it's different from the typical entry.

“A lot of them were rap videos and laundry lists of, we're gonna do this thing, and wash your dog, do the dishes, take your girlfriend out to crappy chick flicks,” they say.

The winner of the competition will receive a year's free rent and $10,000. One grand prize winner and four runners-up will be determined by a combination of public votes and a separate judging panel.

If he wins, McLaughlin hopes to wear his new title proudly, making more clever videos to help others be good roomies.

“If you're going to be the roommate of the year, might as well share some tips,” he says.

McLaughlin has until Sunday, July 31st, to gather votes for his video online.