Jessie Knadler's 'Rurally Screwed' blog and book thrive


She was raised in Montana, but craved the big city.{ }

He was from Baltimore, but longed for country life.

Now, their life together is documented on a popular blog and in a new book.

Jessie Knadler worked as an editor for popular magazines in New York City, like Glamour, Cosmo and Jane. Knadler lived in Manhattan, was single and splurged at posh bars and restaurants.

Then her life changed while on assignment in Montana. She met a cowboy named Jake.

"I wasn't even thinking, somewhere in my subconscious thinking, this is the man I'm going to marry," Knadler recalled.

Jake added, "She definitely wasn't a cowgirl, but, yeah, she was cute."

Jessie, who was actually raised in Montana, fled to the city the first chance she got. But, soon she found herself giving up her big city job and heading to the country where the two said, "I do."

The couple moved to an eight acre farm in Lexington, Va., which is about three hours from D.C.

At first, she didn't like it, and Jake, an Army Reservist, was deployed to Afghanistan for a year.

"I just felt very foolish trying to find myself here...trying to be somebody I'm not," Jessie said.

But, she turned to writing, creating a blog called "Rurally Screwed" that documented her life - gone country. She's collected many fans along the way.

Jessie added, "What I've learned is that moving here, living this sort of life, has made me very well rounded and much more self sufficient person."

On the farm, they raise chickens, and Jessie makes her own moonshine and honey wine.

"I could do things now that I never thought to do," Jessie said.

She blogs about anyone, including her 2-year-old daughter June and her neighbors.

"Here, people drive down the road, people are like 'hey.'"

And what she thought was so not her has become what she holds sacred.

"People in the city can come to the country with a snotty attitude. It's a very easy thing to do, and you really shoot yourself in your foot when you do that," Jessie continued.

Her blog, as well as a book about her life, are thriving. She plans on writing more books about what people are so interested in - her life.