12-year-old Jessica Nguyen victim of stabbing

Jessica Nguyen

Almost four weeks after a 12-year-old girl was found stabbed in her family’s basement, no arrest has been made.

The Nguyen family has moved from the Gaithersburg house that was the scene of the crime. Classmates of Jessica had set up a memorial for the slain girl, but it is now gone.

Police are still investigating.

“All I know is my dad is very cautious because I have a little sister and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. So now we're just very, very precautious,” said Edver Sotomayor, a neighbor.

Police have only confirmed a murder by stabbing in the basement. There has been no appeal to the public for help, no reward for information and no warning to the community that a murder suspect may be on the loose.

All have been taken as signs that police believe the killer was not an intruder. Still, the case remains open.

“Detectives are working this case every day. There are things that we can’t discuss about this case right now they're working on. We're asking for patience,” said Capt. Paul Starks.

The family moved out of the house shortly after the murder.

“They don't want to live here anymore,” Lihn Le, a family friend, said at the time. She was at the Nguyen family’s house to help them pack.

Montgomery county police confirm that murder victim Jessica Nguyen was stabbed to death. Previously, police had not revealed the manner of death.

“I know she was murdered, but (what) I don't is why,” Le said.

Investigators spent days combing the home and nearby property for clues. They focused on the basement where the girl's body was found. Investigators also combed an overgrown grassy area, potentially looking for a murder weapon.

Jessica was a straight-A honor roll student at Gaithersburg Middle School. She was found dead last week in a slaying that has shocked the community.

A memorial page for Jessica set up on Facebook already has hundreds of comments.

Officers were called to the scene last week in the 700 block of Raven Avenue for an injury to a child, but instead found the girl slain in the basement of the townhome where she lives.