Jesse McLaughlin, winner, won't pay rent

      Jesse McLaughlin and his roommate and girlfriend Lisa Harbin.

      If you didn't have to pay rent for a year, you'd probably notice your pockets are a lot heavier.

      It's now the reality for Jesse McLaughlin and his roommate and girlfriend Lisa Harbin.

      The grand prize? $10,000 plus a year's free rent -- saving them $1,700 a month.

      The video that put him over the top was a fake sports play-by-play of Jesse doing all the things a good roomie does -- paying for dinner, cleaning up and making dessert.

      After submitting the video online this summer, the two had a few weeks to garner votes, using social media and lots of friends and family.

      "One day my boss tweeted it out to his 16,000 followers on twitter," said Lisa Harbin. "So that was a nice spike to have."

      They now have some thinking to do about how to spend all that extra dough.

      Jesse and Lisa haven't figured it all out yet, but so far they say they plan to use some of the winnings for a trip to Kenya to visit a friend in the peace corps.

      And they're definitely planning a big party to thank all of the friends and family who helped them win.