Jermaine Palmer admits PCP use during attempted kidnapping in Germantown

Video surveillance of attempted kidnapping at Best Buy.

A two-year-old Montgomery County boy is safe at home tonight after a man tried to kidnap him from a Best Buy store in Germantown.

Police say a man, who admits he was high on drugs, grabbed the boy.

The video shows a frightening incident for the toddler and his father when Jermaine Palmer trips and falls, then grabs the boy and attempts to run out of the store with him.

"The father chased Palmer along with other citizens and they only got to the vestibule of the store between the inner and outer door and at that point the defendant, Palmer, threw the child against the window," says Officer Janelle Smith of the Montgomery County Police.

The suspect was tackled and the little boy got away.

The broken window shows the force with which Palmer threw the boy. So hard that it shattered the glass.

Palmer, 23, and his girlfriend admitted to police that Palmer was high on PCP. They say he mistook the child for his own son.

Palmer has been charged with child abduction and assault.

At the Germantown shopping center where this happened Wednesday night, shoppers say it should send a message to parents.