Jeopardy! in D.C.: Celebrities speak with ABC7

Playing make believe on the set of Jeopardy! with host Alex Trebek in Washington was not only fun for me. I could see how contestants really feel the pressure.

The bright lights of Constitution Hall, live studio audience and the buzzer.

Jeopardy! took the show on the road to Washington, it's first visit since 1997, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the set.

We talked to the celebrities who are competing for big bucks this week on Power Players right before they hit the stage to compete.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar has been on Jeopardy! Before - but this time, he's here to win.

"I really fell on my face the last time. So, you know maybe I'll get a little redemption,” he says. "You can't really prep. I think the best preparation is for someone who reads the newspaper everyday and you're up on current events."

Dr. Oz is also in the mix. He's been studying up on facts to prepare. He says his best training comes from his son Oliver, who's 12. They sit at home and play the game.

But, leave it to his family for a reality check.

"I also know there's some categories I know nothing,” he says. “My wife reminded of several of those."

TV talk show host Anderson Cooper is a previous champion. This time, he's concerned about his technique.

"I'm worried about this buzzer, that's what I'm worried about,” he says. “Clicking too fast or too slow."

Comedian Lewis Black actually opened up to us. Black said he would have prepared but he forgot one thing.

"Now that we're almost getting ready to do it, I'm nauseous and I'm afraid that I'm gonna shame myself in public,” he says. "15 years ago this would have been fun...when I still had memory."

One lucky celeb who wins Power Players gets the bragging rights when they win and $50,000, going to the charity of their choice. The runners up receive $10,000 for their charities.