Jeopardy! coming to D.C.

(Photo courtesy jurvetson via Flickr)

There’s an exciting announcement Thursday night about one of television's most popular programs.

Jeopardy! is doing something not done since 2004 - taking the hit game show on the road and stopping right here in D.C. And it's a fan favorite with a showdown between D.C. Power Players! Host Alex Trebek told us why this is big news for D.C. viewers.

Trebek, Jeopardy! host since 1984, says he can't wait to bring the show to the District in April.


“It's exciting for us because first of all we're in a historic venue, Constitution Hall,” he says. “And then, as opposed to our tapings in L.A. in front of 200 people, we are going to be taping those shows in front of two or three thousand people so that in itself makes it much more exciting.”

Trebek says they'll be taping the Teen Tournament and then the popular Power Players edition, where influential personalities including political figures, authors and journalists compete on behalf of their favorite charities. The list of famous contestants is kept close to the vest.

“I’m not allowed to tell you who's going to be on the show,” Trebek says. “But if you tune in to Sunday news programs on all of the major networks you will certainly recognize some of those faces in our tournament. That's all I can say!”

This will be a homecoming of sorts for the show. The first time Jeopardy! ever went on the road it traveled to D.C., in 1997. Trebek says the contestants and fans from our region never disappoint.

“They say, 'where do you find the best contestants?' and interestingly enough, the highest success rate for testing for people who want to be on Jeopardy! is in the Washington D.C. area,” he says. “So that says a lot of good things about our nation’s capital.”

You can apply for tickets at My Eye Doctor and Passport Auto. The D.C. shows are April 20 and 21st. Power Players Week will air nationally May 14-18. For more information, go to Jeopardy's web site.

And Alex Trebek will be back in D.C. in person for the Cherry Blossom parade on ABC7 on April 14th.