Jennifer Green, arrested in sting, gets prison time

MPD officer Jennifer Green was sentenced Monday.

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A tearful former MPD officer accused of burglary told Judge Robert Morin that she was "very, very sorry" and wanted to apologize to her colleagues.

Jennifer Green was caught in a sting generated by the internal affairs. She worked as lookout, while a friend claimed he was burglarizing a drug dealer's home of crack and cash.

Green pleaded guilty to accepting $600 and was sentenced Monday.

Judge Morin said though no actual crime was committed, "you didn't know that at the time," he told Green.

He sentenced Green, an American University graduate and six-year member of MPD, to seven months in prison and two years probation.

"You violated a very high position of trust in the community," the judge said.

According to the charging document, Green met with a confidential informant on March 4. The informant was known to police because the person had a pending assault with a deadly weapon charge.

At Macombo’s lounge in Washington D.C., the informant told Green that he knew of a residence that had money and drugs stashed in it. The owner of the apartment would be out of town and the informant planned to “hit” it, meaning burglarize it.

Green told the informant that he could do anything with the drugs but she “could use the money” according to the document.

The next day, the informant and Green met up at Green’s apartment. She was not on duty at the time. She got into the informant’s car and brought a police radio with her.

The pair drove to a Safeway parking lot about a block from Quincy Street Northwest. The informant parked the vehicle, grabbed a crowbar from the backseat and then went into an apartment on Quincy Street.

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Jennifer Green - Sentencing Memo

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The informant returned to the car with $1,050 in money pre-recorded by District police and a zip lock bag with soap pieces packaged to look like crack cocaine.

When the informant removed the zip lock bag, Green said, “Oh my God,” according to the document. The informant then handed the money to Green.
Green eventually took $610 of the money, according to the document. Police arrested Green in front of her apartment after the informant dropped her off.

Green’s attorney noted police tried to see if Green would steal money from a colleague’s car and from a man posing as a drunk in earlier stings. She did not. She said Green, who she said is gay herself, refused to cooperate with a police investigation of another gay person, which may have made her a target.

The U.S. Attorney welcomed the sentence. “Officer Green broke the very laws she was sworn to uphold,” said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen in a statement. “Her jail sentence demonstrates that no one is above the law. I commend the Metropolitan Police Department for initiating this investigation and refusing to tolerate corruption in its ranks.”

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