Jeffrey Thompson spent hundreds of thousands of campaigns since 2006, report says

Photo: CSPAN

D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson's under-the-table spending on political candidates, which allegedly included financing Mayor Vincent Gray's 2012 shadow campaign, had been going on for years before Gray was elected, the Washington Post reports.

The Post says that Thompson's largest illegal expenditure came in 2006, when the prominent member of Washington business community spent $100,000 on the mayoral campaign of Linda Cropp. Cropp finished second to Adrian Fenty in that year's Democratic primary.

Thompson allegedly spent on various other political figures in the District, including Michael Brown, Patrick Mara, Mark Long and Vincent Orange.

Among those four, Brown has suffered the most public downfall, pleading guilty to bribery charges after he took tens of thousands of dollars from who he thought were businessmen looking for preferential treatment.

Thompson, who has been dubbed the "Governor of D.C." by the Post, allegedly spent more than $650,000 to prop up Mayor Gray's shadow campaign in 2010.