Jeffrey Thompson important donor to city politicians

The FBI last week raided the house and office of D.C. contractor and political mega-donor Jeffrey Thompson, one of the largest donors to city politicians.

Among the politicians who have benefited from him: Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Kwame Brown, most elected officials in the Wilson building.

The U.S. Attorney's office would not comment on the investigation except to say law enforcement activities were conducted as part of an ongoing investigation.

On Monday, Vincent Orange said his dealings with Thompson are above board.

"I was stung to see that he had been raided," Orange said. "I was stung to see that it was mentioned in the mayoral race and mentioned in charter health."

Thompson's Charter Health, which provides for D.C. Medicaid patients, does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the city.

On the heels of last year's raid on Council member Harry Thomas and his indictment and guilty plea, the recent raid raises questions on just how far this current investigation will go and who it will touch.

Thompson's associate Jeanne Harris was also raided by the FBI.