Jeffrey Moore, 3, heads to Disney to celebrate good health

(Photo: Associated Press)

It's a trip to the airport most kids can't even dream of, walking hand-in-hand with Mickey and Minnie with your own carnival waiting at the gate.{ }

But that dream was a reality for three-year-old Jeffrey Moore Friday.

While Moore is a vivacious, active little boy, he's been through a lot. In 2010 doctors found a brain tumor. He had a 14-hour surgery to remove it and since then he's had several rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments.

Jeffrey is now tumor-free, but the type of tumor he had has a high rate of re-occurring, so every three months he heads back to the doctor for more tests.

"It's been very, very trying. Very difficult, very emotional," said his mother, Ashley Moore.

But for the next week, Jeffrey and his family won't have to worry about doctors appointments. Instead they can focus on family fun.

Thanks to the Casey Cares and Something Magic foundations, Jeffrey will join 39 other children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses and their families for a cost-free week of fun in Orlando, Florida.

For Jeffrey, this trip will be extra special because he'll celebrate his fourth birthday at Disney World Sunday.

The fun doesn't stop at Reagan Airport. When Jeffrey and his family get to their layover in Dallas they'll find another party and then it's off to Florida for a week of magic.

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