Jeff Thompson: Figure in Gray election controversy calm, carefree

Photo: Rachel Morse

Alan Suderman of the Washington City Paper has a great piece about D.C. contractor-accountant Jeff Thompson, who's "at the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation into a vast shadow campaign prosecutors say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election."

Seems that during a recent deposition about a failed business deal, Thompson acted like a man with few if any worries.

Per City Paper, "Thompson cracked jokes about his inability to use email, boasted of his business acumen, and let it be known that he'd just paid $300 for a hair cut, manicure, and pedicure.

"Not bad for a guy on the hot seat. And make no mistake, that's definitely where Thompson sits...Based on information from sources familiar with the investigation and details and comments in court records and testimony, Thompson is the unindicted "co-conspirator #1" who the feds say was the money man behind an alleged $650,000 off-the-books shadow campaign and $44,000 worth of straw donations to the Gray campaign."