Jayden Williams, 6, drowns in Waldorf lake

The scene of the drowning. (Photo: Brad Bell)

CHARLES COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - Nancy Waddell says it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when she saw several children outside near the pond in Charles County.

But when just a short time later she looked out her townhouse, the entire area was filled with rescue crews. At the heart of the activity she saw a horrifying sight.

“When we came around front the scuba diver was pulling the child out of the water,” she says.

Jayden Williams, 6, and at least one other friend apparently climbed past a fence and out onto the pond's concrete dam.

“The boy slipped and fell in the other kids panicked and ran up to get help his mother came down and just jumped in the water immediately,” says Diane Richardson, Charles County Sheriff's Department spokesperson.

Richardson says rescuers including a dive team arrived quickly but even in the shallow pond it just took too long to find the boy.

A woman at the little boy's home, just 100 yards or so from the pond, asked for privacy.

Jayden Williams and his family just moved here in August from Pennsylvania. He was in 1st grade at Barhardt Elementary.

A spokesperson says jayden's death is hitting the school hard.

“His first grade teacher says he was energetic and bright she said his smile lit up the room everyday when he came in,” says Katie O'Malley-Simpson Charles County Board of Education Spokesperson. “He'll be missed by his classmates.”