Jason Scott murder trial: Trial delayed after witness tries to commit suicide

Jason Scott is on trial for allegedly killing a mother and daughter.

The murder trial for the 29-year-old man accused of killing a mother and daughter in 2009 in Largo was delayed Tuesday because a witness related to the victims attempted to take her own life.

Law enforcement sources tell ABC7’s Brad Bell that the witness became so distraught over testifying in the trial of Jason Scott that she attempted to take her own life by walking into traffic.

The prosecution has asked for more time before it proceeds.

Scott is on trial for allegedly killing Delores Dewitt and her daughter Ebony Dewitt. Their bodies were found inside a burning car in Largo in March 2009.

In January 2012, Scott was sentenced to 100 years behind bars after he was convicted of armed carjacking, producing child pornography and stealing firearms.

The trial is expected to take over five and half weeks.