Jason Scott, accused serial killer, appears in court

An accused serial killer went on trial Wednesday in Greenbelt on charges of carjacking, stealing firearms and possessing child pornography. In opening arguments, the defense claimed Jason Scott never committed the crimes he is accused of in this case.

The prosecutor outlined the charges against Scott Wednesday morning at the U.S. District Court in Greenbelt. The charges include home invasion, gun theft, illegal possession of firearms and possession of child pornography. In one of the home invasions, Scott allegedly forced a teenager to perform pornographic sexual acts, which he then photographed and videotaped.

The defense, however, said Scott did not commit the crimes and only confessed to them because he was looking for acceptance from the U.S. Attorneys. They said as a gay black man, Scott has been craving social acceptance.

A victim told ABC7 she was terrified when two men broke into her home and forced her to wait at gunpoint while one of the men drove the family car to an ATM to get cash. Shirley Groom said she is hoping for justice not just for herself, she said, but also the families of the two slain women.

Scott faces state charges in the 2009 murder of Delores Dewitt and her daughter, Ebony, in Largo.

He's also suspected of killing at least three other women. Scott will appear in court to face his murder charges in November.

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