James Brown arrested for assault on GWU instructor Jason Chambers

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Sources confirm to ABC7 News that detectives have arrested 38-year-old James Brown for the violent attack on a part-time George Washington University faculty member: 39-year-old Jason Chambers.

According to sources, Chambers was hurt so badly that he is currently on life support at a local hospital.

And the man who is accused of putting him there is a contractor for The Washington Post, according to those close to the case.

We spoke with two of Chambers’ former students, who say they are shocked by the incident.

"It's upsetting to know that someone would hurt him that badly. I don't think he would provoke anybody, and nobody deserves to be hurt like that," said one student.

D.C. Police found Chambers on a sidewalk just north of Dupont Circle on Sunday morning around 4:15 a.m. He was silent, motionless, and unable to communicate. The university said Chambers, who reportedly was in a coma, works in the Department of Exercise Science and is also a fencing instructor.

Chambers is described as an "easygoing and fun-to-be-around nice guy." He had been dressed in a silver Halloween costume when he was assaulted on S Street near Connecticut Avenue.

Sources say Brown hit Chambers after an exchange of words.

And while an arrest brings some sense of closure for Chambers’ students, the question of why this attack occurred still hangs heavy.

{ }"A couple of other people who took the class, we're trying to send something to him because we feel really awful," said one student.