Jared Weinberg, MPD officer, accused in drug trafficking operation

A rookie MPD officer was arrested for a crime he allegedly committed before becoming an officer in D.C.

Fourth District Police Officer Jared Weinberg{ }is accused of helping a drug trafficking operation that sold "thousands of kilograms of cocaine from sources of supply in California...and resulted in the generation of millions of dollars..."

Tuesday, he faced a federal judge.

Prosecutors say Damon Lewis Collins,{ }an alleged drug supplier in California, "utilized an elaborate scheme to launder more than $2,000, structuring cash deposits into...the bank accounts of at least 13 individuals, including Jared Weinberg..."

According to court documents, Weinberg and his father, Howard Weinberg, rented apartments in the Baltimore, Md. area "...that Collins used during his frequent conduct the business of his cocaine enterprise..." The documents go on to allege that Weinberg would then use the cash deposits to pay rent.

IRS and DEA agents say a confidential informant delivered drug money to one of the apartments, located in Elkridge, from 2009 through 2010. Prosecutors say the informant followed Weinberg to his apartment, where they both "counted the money..."

Weinberg's police powers have been revoked, and he's been placed on administrative leave.