Jared Janowiak sets up sting to retrieve stolen bike

Jared Janowick and an Arlington Police officer are seen approaching the alleged bike thief near Ballston Common.

A member of the Arlington's Gripped Racing cycling team set up a police-involved sting operation to retrieve one of his stolen bikes and the whole thing was caught on camera.

“I’ve sort of customized it and tweaked it just the way I want it,” Jared Janowiak says of his Cannondale CAAD 10.

Janowiak's $4,000 bike wasn't just expensive, it was important.

“[It’s] a major part of my lifestyle,” he says.

On July 8, Janowiak realized the bike, along with two others, had been stolen from his condo parking garage in Fairfax.

“I was furious. I was enraged,” he says.

After filing a police report, Janowiak figured the bikes were gone, but as he started scanning Craigslist in search of a new bike, he stumbled on a posting of his stolen bike.

“There was a photo of it right there,” he says.

He contacted the seller and arranged a meeting last Thursday in Arlington near Ballston Common. Jason Berry, his racing teammate, recorded the whole thing.{ }

“I knew Jared would be nervous and thinking 'What if something happens?'” he says.

Right before the meeting, they were able to flag down an Arlington Police officer, who called in back-up. And right after Janowiak gave the signal, police swooped in and arrested the seller, 26-year-old Joshua Wright of D.C.

Janowiak, relieved and excited, had his bike back. It was in one piece, and so was he.

“My wife made me promise not to do anything stupid,” he says.

Video: grippedfilms via YouTube