Jane McQuain murdered: Ex-boyfriend says she feared for her safety

(Photo: Montgomery County Police)

(AP, ABC7) The ex-boyfriend of a Maryland woman found dead in her home says the woman had recently expressed concerns about her safety after her estranged husband re-emerged in her life.

Ronald McCombs told The Associated Press that 51-year-old Jane McQuain told him about two weeks ago that she feared something bad could happen to her. McCombs says he was romantically involved with the slain McQuain from 1995 to 2007.

McQuain was found dead Wednesday night in Germantown. Authorities Friday said she was killed by stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

Her husband, Curtis Maurice Lopez, was arrested Thursday in North Carolina and charged in her death. Pennsylvania records show he was imprisoned from 1987 until 2000, when he was paroled.

McQuain's 11-year-old son William remained missing Friday. He has not been seen for about two weeks.

According to sources, Lopez is the only suspect in the disappearance of the boy and he is not cooperating with police.

“I prayed to God last night, I don't know how long that they find William alive,” McQuain’s Germantown neighbor Sis Ford said.

She knew mother and son well and recognized Lopez in an image shown to her by a reporter. Ford says she saw Lopez a week and a half ago, several days after she last saw McQuain and her son.

On Sept. 30th, she saw the McQuains and Lopez sitting on the porch. After that, she only saw the man she believes to be Lopez.

On Oct. 5th, she watched the man load a TV into McQuain's car and drive away.

“You know, every day that they cant find him and he's missing…you never know,” Ford is concerned.

“We want to see him back we want to see him safe,” said Scott Velasquez, the youth pastor at Journey's Crossing, the McQuain's church. Velasquez described William as a happy, lively sixth grader. He's organizing a vigil for the boy Friday night.

“Our only purpose tonight is getting together and praying for William,” he said.