Jan-Nae Woodard, 7, killed in Charles County collision

(Photo: Brad Bell)

10:10 p.m. Friday, June 29: Marquetta Rochelle McGee died Thursday from the injuries she received in this collision, police say. McGee was the mother of Jan-Nae Woodard.

Jan-Nae Woodard, 7, killed in Charles County collision

Tyvese Proctor and James Short didn't know 7-year-old Jan-Nae Woodard. But they felt they had to do something for the girl and her family, so they made a cross and got some flowers and a teddy bear.

Her memorial marks the spot of a terrible collision caused, police say, when a green SUV crossed the median of Indian Head Highway and hit two cars nearly head on. Little Jan-Nae was riding with her mom , Marquetta McGee, in one of those cars.

McGee was badly hurt but was expected to survive. Witnesses say Jan-Nae didn't have a chance.

“I mean that's just awful,” says Samantha Doubleday, who lived two doors from McGee in Waldorf. “She was just an incredible sweet little girl. Her friends would come down and they'd ride their bikes and scooters and come see our dogs.”

Police say there is evidence the 73-year-old driver of the SUV,{ }Jackson Tutt, had been drinking. But they aren’t sure how much and are awaiting the results of blood test before a decision is made about charges.

“It’s sad that a small child to lose they life because of someone drinking they say,” Proctor says.