Jamestown Elementary students team up to fight cancer

ARLINGTON (WJLA) – Jamestown Elementary School is buzzing with excitement.

“We have the honor to do this without any adults helping," said 11 year-old Hanna Russell. She and more than 100 other 4th and 5th graders created a student-run carnival so those fighting cancer know they care.

"I have friends that have mothers that have cancer and they're always in the hospital,” admitted Alex D’Emidio. He and his classmates are selling 25-cent coupons in hopes of closing in on a cure.

5th grader Heather Johnson says it’s the least they can do. She says patients deserve a better life so they’re not “clumped up in a hospital.”

100 percent of their ticket sales are being pumped into St. Jude's Research Hospital. Their good deeds don't end there.

Jamestown Elementary and three other schools in Arlington took on the Team Kids challenge and dedicated a month towards community service.

“We set three different weekly challenges,” explained Jamestown Assistant Principal Heather Hurley. “Things like collecting four or five different boxes of pet supplies and we actually collected about 15 boxes,” she continued. Her students also wrote 450 letters of thanks of Valentine’s Day to Arlington police and firefighters. They even collected 24 bags of shoes for the homeless.

Local first responders volunteered their time as mentors.

“I think it allows them to see us in a more fun and natural environment instead of being out on the street," said Corporal Leslie Harden..

She and many others on the Arlington County police force are acting as big brothers and big sisters and inspiring the next generation of hometown heroes.

“It blows your mind away,” admitted Corporal Damon Tyson. “They did so much work with this on their own and I'm just happy to be a part of it."

He was also happy to see their carnival raise more than $1200 in a matter of hours.

Arlington County public schools are the first outside of the state of California to partner with the Team Kids nonprofit.