James Liskow finds mistake in Montgomery speeding statute

A Bowie attorney took Montgomery County to court over a speeding ticket, believing he had found a mistake in the statute. On Monday, the appellate court agreed and threw out the ticket in a move that could have implications across Maryland.

James Liskow was driving on Georgia Avenue from his office to court in Rockville last December when he got snagged by a speed camera. As he would say, he was “allegedly" going 45 in a 30 mile per hour zone.

A few days later he received a $40 citation in the mail, showing his car going through the intersection.

“I did what I would do for any of my clients: I researched the law,” Liskow said. He found what he believes is a typographical error in the Montgomery County law dealing with speed cameras.

In the statute, it states violators must receive evidence from police of their violations under section 21-800 (b). That would include a long list of everything in the county law that should be mailed with the ticket. Liskow argues.

He took his ticket to court, arguing the statute should actually refer to article (d).

The case went to the appellate court Monday, where he won. The judge threw out the ticket and agreed there was a mistake in the statute. Liskow says this throws a wrench in Maryland's speed camera program since it is written the same way in every county in the state.

Motorists ABC7 talked with congratulated Liskow.