James Brown loses job of 27 years, wins DC-5 Lottery

James Brown, DC-5 Lottery winner.

A man who loses his job in two weeks won $102,500 last week in the DC-5 Lottery.

James Brown was back at his neighborhood One Stop Food Mart today, still celebrating those DC-5 tickets he bought last week. He bet his birthday and won.

"Seemed like something tapped me on the shoulder and said, you need to play your number," Brown says. "Had I not played, I'd been really depressed."

Brown loses his job on October 12, when Alexandria's GenOn Power plant shuts down the boilers he has operated for the last 27 years and just becomes a feeder plant.

"Little depressed you know because after 27 years and they say this is it for you on this date, everybody gets a little depressed after that," Brown says. "But when I hit the number I got something that could tide me over."

The lottery folks paid Brown a visit at the One Stop,with the ceremonial check and pep talk.

"He does feel good. His name is James Brown and he feels good, like he knew he would," says Buddy Roogow, DC Lottery Director.

After taxes, which they've already taken out, the $102,500 shrunk to $68,000, but with a wife and three girls in college, "I still got to worry about a little bit to find me another job, but this will hold me over," Brown says.

Roogow says the chances of winning the DC-5 is one in 100,000.