James Albert Frost accused of posting naked pictures outside apartment

Frost is accused of displaying photos of naked women outside his apartment. Photo: Fredericksburg Police

A 68-year-old Fredericksburg man was arrested Wednesday night after police say he taped pictures of nude women to his apartment door for everyone to see.

James Albert Frost, who lives at the Cobblestone Square apartment complex in Fredericksburg, is being held at Rappahanock Regional Jail without bond. He's facing charges of unlawful display of obscene materials.

Authorities say that several of his neighbors in the complex complained that Frost had taped pictures of naked women outside his apartment door. The photos could be plainly seen by anyone in the shared hallway. Fredericksburg Police officials say that they began receiving complaints about Frost immediately after he moved in last month.

More than one resident also told police that Frost had been making inappropriate sexual remarks to them while walking around the complex.