Jacqueline A. Kline, Maryland state trooper, struck during traffic stop

A Maryland state trooper is in serious condition after she was struck by a car during a traffic stop in Pasadena early Sunday.

Trooper Jacqueline A. Kline was backing up another trooper who had stopped a suspected drunk driver on eastbound Route 100 around 1 a.m. The trooper was administering field sobriety tests when Trooper Kline stopped at the scene to provide backup. Both cruisers had their overhead lights activated and were parked on the shoulder.

Investigators believe Enrique Guzman Jr., 21, was driving eastbound on Route 100, intending to exit at Catherine Avenue, when he hit Trooper Kline, who was walking on the shoulder toward the patrol car in front of her.{ }

Trooper Kline was flown to Shock Trauma with head injuries, a broken arm, cut and contusions.

Guzman stayed on scene and there was no evidence that he was driving under the influence. He has not been charged.

The crash closed eastbound Rt. 100 for about four hours and is being investigated.

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