Jacob Soliz-Amaya fights off attacker; 911 call released

Helen Newsome is charged with attempted first degree murder. (Photo: PGPD)

PALMER PARK, Md. (WJLA) -- Dispatchers have released a horrific 911 call from an eight-year-old boy just minutes after he was attacked by a woman inside his father’s Cheverly home.

Jacob Soliz-Amaya was in his bed Saturday morning when his father left for work. Once his father was gone, his father’s ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Helen Marie Newsome, emerged from a closet where she had been hiding for more than 12 hours, police say.

Late last week, Jacob's father broke off a relationship with Newsome.

Police say Newsome allegedly tried to smother Jacob but he head-butted her – a move he says he saw on television. The alleged attack continued, and Newsome struck Jacob in the head with a dumbbell.

Despite a gaping wound to the scalp, Jacob then karate-chopped her hard enough to free himself and run outside. And while a neighbor dialed 911, Newsome leapt from a second-floor window.

“She tried to hurt me because she knows my father loves me more than anything else,” Jacob says.

Jacob now has eight staples in his head from his injury and has already been released from the hospital.

“The boy is a hero,” says Capt. Jimmy Simms of the Prince George’s County Police. “He fought off someone who was attempting to take his life.”

Newsome is charged with attempted first degree murder. She's being held on $500,000 bond.

Authorities say the suspect admitted to assaulting the boy.

Jacob's parents are horrified and angry about what happened. But they couldn't be more proud.

“He fought her off. He did what he needed to survive,” says his mother Selena Soliz.

“That's as brave as a kid can get,” says his proud father, Andy Amaya.

Prince George’s County Dispatch says Jacob did everything right – staying on the phone and even taking the time to describe his attacker.