Is Whole Foods coming to Prince George's County?

A large, wooded tract of land is slated for major development, which would include a Whole Foods. While some here like the idea, There are residents in Riverdale and University Park who love their leafy neighborhoods as they are.

The 37 acres poised for development currently is zoned residential. Some here say it should stay that way.

“When I moved in here I envision if that ever got developed there would be developed similar to this,” says University Park resident Tom Poulos.

It's not just the loss of a wooded area which has some people dreading a major construction project. They say where Baltimore Avenue intersects East West Highway already is congested.

Throwing in a Whole Foods and other retail outlets will just make getting around more difficult.

There are times when traffic is backed from that intersection three for four blocks up from Route One.

The county council has tried to hold two meetings on the rezoning required to green light the project. But procedural problems and other obstacles have the hearings from moving forward and blocked residents from speaking out either for or against.

“People need more time to prepare on both sides,” says Susan Gray, an attorney for residents.

The Cafritz Group which owns the land promises a vibrant development which in response to resident’s needs.

“The nice thing about Whole Foods is they attract similar type of retail which is fantastic amenity for this community,” Cafritz says.

After two failed attempts, the county council will take up this plot of land again in a couple weeks. At that time, it promises to allow residents to air their views.