Is there an uptick in the number of missing children in DC?

As of this writing, 10 teenage girls are listed as “critical missing” persons in Washington, DC and for people who follow listservs and police press releases as ABC7 does, that number is high. We visited the head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth and Family Service Division, Commander Chanel Dickerson to ask why.

“I just implemented a process to insure all critical missing persons receive the same level of service and media attention, “ Dickerson said, “So there’s no evidence there’s an uptick in missing persons, just the exposure to the media has increased.”

Dickerson said she just took over the job December 23 and she cares about children.

She said people are coming on and off the list all the time. Of 211 total missing persons reported in DC in January, 190 of them have returned.

She said, with respect to the teenage girls, MPD has seen seen no linked to sex trafficking. She said of greater concern to her is trying to find out why these girls have such a low sense of self-worth that they so frequently run away.

“I am definitely soliciting assistance especially for professional women to just show these young girls that there are positive female role models,” Dickerson said.

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