Is It Worth It: Rent your clothes or own them?


Dresses and skirts and accessories. They have it all at Rent the Runway Unlimited.

For $139 a month, customers get access to thousands of designer pieces sent right to their home. They can pick any three items on the website, get them sent to their homes and keep them for an unlimited amount of time

Once customers are done with the clothes, they repack them and ship them back to Rent the Runway for free. Then they pick out their next three pieces.

Is it worth the price?

Seven on your side spoke with Jennifer Barger from Consumers Checkbook.

"How much will you really use it? Do you go to a lot of parties," she asked. "Would your money be better spent maybe getting a few classic wardrobe pieces?"

For those not ready for a rental plan but just in need of the basics they can do that too. Style expert Naina Singla says to invest in these key items.

“Think about a trench coat or a leather jacket , a fabulous pair of pumps, a flattering pair of jeans," she says. "These are the items women should have in their wardrobe because they are going to last.”

One thing to be aware of with rent the runway is its insurance policy. It covers some wear and tear but if the item is damaged beyond repair, the fee is the retail price of the item. If the item is never returned, the fee is double the retail price of the item. So are rental services worth it?

“It’s a really good option for special occasions if you’re willing to be a little bit careful," Barger says. "Party clothes are expensive, bridesmaids are expensive. I think they’re a pretty good idea."

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