Investigation launched for failed Maryland Health Exchange site

(WJLA) - According to some, the Maryland Health Exchange, which launched late and still is not functioning properly, has failed to deliver.

Maryland’s first district congressman Andy Harris says the O’Malley administration’s efforts to set up a functioning website has been such a disaster that at his request, the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is now launching an investigation.

"We've gone almost to a quarter billion dollars spent on this without a product that works, and the bottom line is taxpayers deserve to know where that money went," said Harris.

Harris also says the investigation will look at contracting, procurement, and whether or not competent people were in charge of the failed website, which is expected to eat up more than $260 million in mostly federal tax dollars.

The head of the state agency in charge of the Health Connection is declining to comment, and while some Maryland residents demand to know where their money is going, others are just interested in getting it fixed once and for all.