Interstate 95 crash hospitalizes seven, six transported by medevac

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WJLA) - Virginia State Police say seven young people were injured when a minivan leading police on a high-speed pursuit crashed on an Interstate 95 exit ramp in Prince William County.

"It's just crazy -- were they high, were they smoking?" asks Woodbridge resident Felisha Carter.

There is no word yet regarding any drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. An officer from Fort Belvoir initially spotted the minivan when it veered to pass him with a missing tail light. He tried to pull it over, but it took off down Route 1 toward the freeway.

The woman at the wheel, in her early 20’s, tried to elude police by punching the gas pedal -- hard.

The vehicle entered 95 south going very erratically -- braking, swerving between vehicles and eventually was pulling away from our officer where he eventually couldn't even close the distance with it," explains Chief John Cerra with Fort Belvoir Police.

When the 2009 Toyota Sienna took the exit to Dale Boulevard off 95 South, the driver apparently lost control, hit the guardrail, and flipped – spraying four people from the vehicle onto the ground.

"This vehicle was driving very fast and swerving recklessly about the roadway," says Cerra.

Among the seven in the van were two men in their 20’s and four teenagers, including three 15-year-old girls – one in critical condition.

The ramp was closed for much of the morning but has since reopened to traffic. Interstate traffic was not affected.

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