Interchange opens at 295 and Arundel Mills Boulevard

At noon Monday, a much anticipated interchange at 295 and Arundel Mills Boulevard opened, relieving traffic congestion in the area.

Laurel resident Amar Sethl said, "Ever since the casino, traffic has been really really bad."

And that's exactly why the "diverging diamond" was installed. Ever since the new Maryland Live! casino opened, 295 has turned into a potential road to riches for thousands of drivers, and a traffic headache for those who live and work in the area.

Su Kim of Hanover, Md. added, "My sister, she goes to work everyday, and she's always like, 'This is so much stress.'"

Installed by the Maryland State Highway Administration and developers of Maryland Live!, the diamond-shaped interchange is the only one of its kind in Maryland.

An interactive website directs drivers through the interchange, which is a little more complicated than most.

"I think it will be good with the lights," Laurel resident Taylor Weintraub said. "Hopefully, everyone will follow the traffic pattern properly."

Right now, the interchange is more of a diamond in the rough. Officials say additional work on the diverging diamond will continue through the summer.