Instagram photos in ads: Confusion led to user complaints

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Instagram says it will revise a planned update to its service agreement after confusion about its intent led to widespread user complaints.

At issue is whether users' photos can be part of advertisements, on and off Instagram. The mobile photo-sharing company said in a blog post Tuesday that it has no plans to put users' photos in advertisements.

That said, Instagram maintains that it was created to become a business and would like to experiment with various forms of advertisements to make money.

Outrage brewed as users originally thought their pictures would soon be used in advertisements without them being told so - or paid.

“They’re using your image to promote whatever product they want and you might not support that product,” says Lauren Cottrell.

Users took to Twitter Tuesday to voice their opinions by using the hash tag #BoycottInstagram, which trended all day.

The new policy will take effect Jan. 16.