Inside Washington - Aug. 5, 2012

      ABC7's Gordon Peterson moderates Inside Washington with panelists: Colbert King of The Washington Post, syndicated columnist Mark Shields, Politico contributor Evan Thomas and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, in a discussion of these topics:

      The jobless rate jumps up to 8.3 percent . Mitt Romney's trip abroada success, despite some well-publicized gaffes? Despite a great deal of unfinished business, Congress takes a five-week breakeconomists see cliff-edge looming. The Chick-fil-A gay marriage controversy sparks protests (and sells lots of fried chicken). Charles Krauthammer wins an apology from the White Housesubject: the whereabouts of the Churchill bust.

      Inside Washington can be seen on NewsChannel 8 on Saturday at 7pm, and on ABC7 WJLA-TV Sunday at 9am.