Inauguration cleanup underway

The biggest party the city has seen in four years is now a memory, but the cleanup is far form over.

In fact, it's still going strong - despite the coldest weather the city has seen in a year.

The flags at the Willard Hotel had not been collected, but at many of the places around the National Mall and downtown, the day after the inauguration was one of packing up, cleaning up, picking up and taking apart.

An ABC News analysis estimated the previous inauguration in 2009 cost $170 million.

Before 9/11, barricades like the ones ones used to control access for blocks at a time were not used.

A new cost this year were the grass protectors laid down on the Mall. Tuesday, workers unhitched and stacked them. Other cleanup crews removed hundreds of porta-potties.

Tourists spent the day winding their way through all the activity.

"My heart go out to them," said visitor Ernestine McKinney. "...but better them than me, because it's so cold."

The hi-tech workers were busy Tuesday taking apart the temporary studios where broadcasts of the inaugural ceremonies were taped. The contractor from the company FilmWerks{ } International said this phase is the easy part.

"Took a total of four days to get it all wrapped up and ready for...air...taking it down? Two days," the worker explained.

There's still a lot of work to do in the days ahead.