Inauguration 2013: Embassy of Canada celebrates

Melissa Moreland of Washington enjoys a traditional Canadian pastry. Photo: Alex Lemley

As our national celebrated the re-election of a president, other nations also watched on. For some of them, the trip wasn’t very long.

One of the benefits of D.C. being such an international city is being able to share Inauguration Day with the world, including one of our strongest allies, our neighbors to the north.

Just five blocks from the Capitol may have been the largest collection of Canadian citizens watching the Inauguration.

“It’s the longest unsecured border in the world. This is a great partnership,” says Andrew Lyons of Canada.

Along with traditional tailgate fare is a partnership between two great nations, even a traditional Canadian snack carrying a U.S. presidential endorsement.

Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer bills it as a celebration of American democracy.

“We're center ice between the Capitol and the White House,” says Doer.

Members of the Capitals and George McPhee, the team's general manager, took a break from the ice to enjoy the historical day.

The day was also a reminder of four more years of partnership between the United States and Canada.