Inauguration 2013: City gets ready for inauguration

The Lincoln Bible will be used again in Monday's inauguration.

The nation's capital is preparing to celebrate President Barack Obama's second term.

But if you can't make it to the inauguration or you don't want to battle the crowds, you can still embrace the history of your own time.

Outside Madame Tussaud's stands a salute from former presidential couples to the president and first lady, an attempt at a moving tribute from those waxing nostalgic.

A few blocks from the Capitol at the Newseum, inaugural history is on display. In just a few days, the museum will be one of the most coveted spots in Washington. High above the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route and the Capitol, the museum is also home to some of the more interesting memories of inaugurations past.

But if you had to pick one item synonymous with the inauguration it may be the famed Lincoln Bible. The actual one touched by Lincoln in 1861 and Obama in 2009. The Bible will be used again in Monday's inauguration.

"This bible is as ordinary as it could possibly be. It's an 1853 family Bible, printed by Oxford University Press...," said Mark Dimunation, the Library of Congress rare book chief. "...when you look at it it's really an ordinary 19th century bible...Until Abraham Lincoln put his hands on it."

But Lincoln didn't keep it; a clerk gave it to his wife. Decades later, the Library of Congress got the Bible, where it will once again be on display from Jan. 23 until Feb. 18 - President's Day. The Bible will be featured next to Lincoln's inaugural address, which Lincoln cut and pasted himself.