In Northwest D.C., residents change habits after string of crimes

Northwest usually has very little crime compared to other parts of Washington, D.C. But a recent string of crimes this week in Northwest has D.C. police concerned and taking additional measures.

Overnight there were at least three crimes in Northwest{ } – taking place near the metro stations of Foggy Bottom, Farragut West, and Dupont Circle.

Among the crimes – a theft/assault and two robbery snatches, taking place at 900 23rd Street NW, 20th and P Street NW, and 17th and I Street NW, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

One incident occurred on the campus of The George Washington University. A vending truck operator was closing up shop when a suspect, wearing a black hooded coat, grabbed $300 in cash and fled on bike.

GW students on campus today reacted with great concern.

“There’s been a lot of crime, but for the most part it’s been isolated incidents,” GW Sophomore Ben Hannibal said today, “Really you just have to be on your guard and not take chances you really shouldn’t.”

The George Washington University is making some changes to their campus police force to be able to handle this increased time of crime adequately.

“We will be as visible as we possibly can,” Darrell Darnell, Senior Associate Vice President of Safety and Security at GW says, “We really try to balance being visible and out and about on the streets, but also doing patrols within our facilities as well.

Darnell says he’s “concerned” about the recent crime in the area surrounding the Northwest campus and urges students to beware of their surroundings at all times, especially at night and when alone.

But the recent incidents this weekend are just a few on a long list of crimes that have spiked this week throughout Northwest, including robberies at gun point and assault.

According to police there have been over a dozen armed robberies in this area this week alone.

Many people who live, work, or study in and around Northwest say they will change their habits based on the recent up tick in crime.

“I think I’m just going to remain extra vigilant and keep my eyes open and keep alert so as to not get into any trouble,” Daniel Lippman, a senior at GW says.

“I personally usually feel pretty safe walking around, but I think I’m a little naïve because there’s so much stuff going on that I hear about,” Molly Hogan said, “I’ll probably make sure that I’m not walking by myself or if it’s like you know after midnight probably take a cab instead of walk.”

The Chief of Police in Washington, DC says the department is committed to the prevention of all crimes and the fear of crimes.

“Robberies and other crimes can occur anywhere in the city, at any time, and during any season,” Chief Cathy Lanier said in a statement to ABC7 today, “I cannot disclose our tactics, but there are measures being taken to address robberies and other crimes throughout the city.”

DC police have made more than 150 robbery arrests in the District this year. DC police ask that if anyone has witnessed any of these offenses please call 202-727-9099.