Immigration reform protesters rally and climb flagpoles in D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A march calling for an end to deportations, turned into a wild scene in the District Saturday afternoon.

The rally follows a failed effort by Congress to make any major changes to immigration laws before they took a five-week recess.

"We're asking they stop the raids and stop deportations," says Sophie Ashley of the New Orleans Congress of Day Laborers.

But aside from the chants, a different kind of protest was rising above the crowd. A man and a woman began to climb flag poles.

Organizers of the march were heard telling Park Police that the climbing protesters were not part of their group.

"We stand in solidarity with the immigrant movement," says Ken Jones of the School of the Americas Watch. "It's inhumane.There is a coldness with our Congress that is strictly about political calculations and not about real human beings. Shame on them."

Julieta Bolivar came from Chicago for the rally.

"Nothing is happening in Congress so we're asking the president to take executive action," Bolivar says.

Bolivar was holding a coffin to symbolize the people who have died trying to cross the border.

The pole climbers eventually unveiled banners calling for the end of the deportations.

Then with other protesters still watching, the climbers came down and were arrested.