Immigration: Local immigrants react to President Obama's plan

President Obama is backing a Senate plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system. At a rally in Nevada Tuesday, he said we must create a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.

Under his plan, immigrants could earn provisional legal status by registering, passing background checks and paying fees. From there, they could apply for permanent residency and five years later, citizenship.

As Obama laid out his plan, dozens gathered in Langley Park to see how it could impact them and their families.

Carefully paying close attention to every word President Obama said, lapping was the way one crowd showed its satisfaction.

Antonio Chavez was one of dozens in the crowd. Originally from El Salvador, the father of two has been in the states for 24 years.

Before the president’s speech, Chavez said, “I think it’s time the president sign immigrant reform…. We are hoping President Obama makes a positive message.”

Before President Obama took the podium, Ricardo Campos said, “Enough is enough. We need a fair and immediate path to citizenship for more than 11 million families, families that are just like any other American typical family.”

Campos saw how a bi-partisan group of senators addressed the issue Monday. He thought it was bittersweet but senators were not clear enough so he was hoping President Obama would spell out a plan.

Chavez hopes, despite differences in ideas, immigration reform moves forward.

“Democrats and republicans, they are talking together. They are going to agree on reform.”

Campos says the message was clear.

“These are families. These are Americans who deserve an opportunity in this country to serve like any other American. This is a country of immigrants.”