Immigration activists hungry for reform

Photo: Hatzel Vela/WJLA

WASINGTON (WJLA) - As Congress begins to wrap up for the year, it's unlikely anything will get done about immigration reform, and that has a lot of people upset. Those seeking change made their voices heard Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Immigration reform activists headed to Eric Cantor's office to remind the majority leader something still has to be done. The offices of over 200 Republican House members were targeted in the same manner.

“The Senate has acted and the votes are in place in the House," says Gustavo Torres, the executive director of CASA in Action.

“We will, without any doubt, stand and fight and fight until justice is delivered for the 11 million immigrants,” says Tefere Gebre, the executive vice president of{ } the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Advocates for immigration reform say the phone calls to lawmakers will continue and the rallies will not go away.

“Our movement in 2014 will have more hope. We will have more vigilance and we will have greater support," says Carrie Pugh of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.

Part of the strategy, they say, is to mobilize millions of Latinos and get them to register to vote.

Mark Krikorian isn’t sure immigration reform will happen in 2014.

He heads the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank which supports tighter controls on immigration. He says the House Republicans don’t want to pass a big comprehensive bill.

Democrats in the Senate don’t want a piecemeal approach.

“So in a sense next year is almost a limbo year until the elections happen,” Krikorian says.

Back at the Cannon House building, protesters continued what they call a{ }fight they’re not willing to give up just yet.

“We will act, we will activate, we will agitate because justice is on our side.”