Iconic Watergate gas station reopens under new name, management

Lower gas prices are luring new customers to the iconic Watergate gas station, which is under new ownership and new management.

Pulling into the gas station used to feel more like a price trap than a pit stop.

“This is actually my first time here,” says John Pollard, who stopped to get gas for his boat. “I used to go the other one because it was cheaper.”

The cottage-turned-gas station historically charged nearly $6 per gallon. But that's not the case anymore.

Now prices have dropped nearly $2 to just $3.86 for a gallon of regular.

After shuttering for more than four months, the station off Rock Creek Parkway has new ownership and a new outlook.

Owner Eddie Hassan says low prices adds up to more customers. And for the last few days, they've seen a steady stream, he says.

“We worked on the prices of the gasoline to lower it from 5.90 to 3.86, which is reasonable,” Hassan says.

The sky high prices are gone and so is the Watergate name. The new spot is appropriately named Rock Creek Valero.

Customers say the name can go if the cheap gas stays.

Hassan also says they plan to reopen the body shop on Monday.