Iconic Virginia Beach hotel, The Cavalier, faces uncertain future

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F. Scott Fitgerald slept there. So did Judy Garland and President Richard Nixon.

It's The Cavalier, a grand hotel that long has been a Virginia Beach landmark on the northern end of the resort strip. But its future is in flux because of a Hatfields vs. Hatfields family dispute.

Today's Virginian-Pilot has a fascinating read about the squabbles. Here's a glimpse, per the Pilot:

"(Curtis) Colgate's family has owned The Cavalier since his grandfather bought it more than 50 years ago. Now his future with the hotel and the future of the hotel itself are uncertain.

"The 85-year-old Cavalier, which helped establish the Oceanfront as a top tourist destination, is caught in the cross hairs of a family dispute that has played out in state courts since 2005. A lawsuit that Colgate and his sister filed against the company run by their uncle and cousin led a state judge recently to order the liquidation of its assets, including The Cavalier and its more modern sister hotel across Atlantic Avenue at 42nd Street."{ } { }