ICC toll tickets get $50 penalty

It's convenience commuters pay for when using electronic tolling on the Intercounty Connector, or EZ Pass booths, on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and elsewhere.

But motorists without transponders who either blow through toll booths without paying or ignore the ICC video toll tickets sent in the mail are costing Maryland millions.

Nomvimbi Meriwether didn't even realize the ICC was a toll road until the tickets tumbled in.

“Sometimes I don't see them on time because I travel,” Meriweather says. “And then there are penalties, like there'd be a $25 penalty if you didn't pay. And it accumulates and accumulates.”

On Thursday, she was at the Gaithersburg EZ Pass office getting herself a transponder.

But the Maryland Transportation Authority says too many others aren't paying overdue tolls.

So come October, a $50 fee will be added to each overdue unpaid toll. And vehicle registrations could be suspended.

It only amounts to 1.3 percent of tolls in Maryland - less than Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware. But it's still almost $7 million that's not going to build and fix bridges, tunnels and roads.

So many motorists agree you need pay to play.

“I completely agree with it. I mean, if you want to drive, you need to pay to be on those roads. Otherwise you can take the long way around, or you just don't get to use it. It's as simple as that,” says Rockville resident James Thompson.