ICC to open Tuesday

Some of the first drivers take to the ICC. (Photo: Flickr/dougtone)

The final stretch of Maryland's Intercounty Connector, which runs from Georgia Avenue in Olney to Beltsville-Laurel, opened this morning at 6 a.m. in time for rush hour.

Construction for the ICC has been a large undertaking. People like Thelma Forte, who lives in the area, say the four-year construction process has been a burden.

The first 5-mile stretch of road, from 370 in Shady Grove to Georgia Avenue, opened in February.

The final phase allows motorists to reduce their commute time from Laurel to northwestern Montgomery County by up to 40 minutes.

The idea of the ICC first came up during planning and construction of the Beltway in the 1950's.

Bobby Spicknall owns a farm and produce store about a quarter mile from the new stretch of the Intercounty Connector in Beltsville. He's waiting to see how it will affect his business.

“We don't have the interchange here on Old Gunpowder, but hopefully it will bring some new people here into town,” he said.