ICC should lower prices, MoGo councilman Phil Andrews says

The Intercounty Connector, connecting Montgomery and Prince George's counties, was supposed to give drivers a break from traffic.

But many drivers aren't willing to pay the toll.

Now a local politician says lowering the toll will be good for drivers and the toll road.

On the ICC, car drivers pay $8 for a full trip or $36 for trucks.

Recent projections show not many people as expected are using it. In September, 26,000 drivers used the ICC on the Eastern end and 35,000 used it on the Western side.

Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews sent a letter to the Maryland Transportation Authority asking the group to slash toll prices in half so more people will use the ICC.

The MTA hasn't responded to Andrews' letter but did release this statement saying: "Overall, daily traffic volumes are consistent with our projections for the roadway and continue to grow. Traffic grows gradually as users become more familiar with the facility."