Ibrahim Musa found dead in backyard of D.C. home

D.C. Police are investigating the death of a man found in an elderly couple's backyard. Police say the man's body went unnoticed for days.

Ibrahim Musa, 54, was found with "traumatic injuries" in the backyard of a townhome, located at 19th Street and Naylor Road in Southeast.

Sources say Musa's body was in the backyard for an estimated eight to 10 days before police were called.

"We don't go into our backyard that often," said the man who owns the home where Musa was found.

The home's backyard is surrounded by a high fence, which backs up to the parking lot of an adjacent apartment building.

One neighbor told ABC7 he noticed a smell, but he did not call police.

Police were finally called on Saturday, Aug. 18 and found the then unidentified human remains.

The Medical Examiner has ruled the death a homicide, adding that Musa died from blunt force trauma.

"We have problems with people crossing our yard to get from that apartment building to that parking lot. I don't know the gentleman, didn't know him," the homeowner added.

Part of solving the mystery is determining how Musa ended up in the backyard.

Melvin Maxwell, who has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, said, "...10 to one someone in that apartment building knows something, but people don't talk. They see the police as the enemy until they need them."