I-95 traffic delays grow even worse on Memorial Day weekend

People heading south for the Memorial Day weekend are running into delays that stretch for miles. But for those who drive I-95 in Northern Virginia, the miserable delays aren't something isolated to holiday weekends.

VDOT is warning drivers to plan for major delays and closures this summer as road work moves forward along a 29-mile stretch of I-95, from the D.C. line to Stafford County, including construction of the new HOT lanes and new flyover ramps.

"It will always get better because we make improvements," says Steve Titunik of VDOT.

But he says I-95 at rush hour will always be like a popular restaurant.

"Everybody wants to eat Friday or Saturday at 7 or 8 and the place is packed," Titunik says. "You come earlier at 5 and you got all the tables you want. So it's a timing thing."

But on a weekend when the focus is on the destination, the journey is a major source of frustration…

The Campbells are making their familiar eight-hour trip from Pittsburgh to Norfolk - with four hungry boys in the back seat.

They say what is normally bad traffic here, is "crazy bad" this weekend.

And that is the feeling most drivers have traveling 95 in virginia these days -holidays or any day - and it won't get better any time soon…

Unfortunately for the Campbells, they're hitting 95's dinner rush.

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